Transferring to Clearing KCL Film Studies from Foundation Year

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I want to transfer to KCL Film Studies through clearing this year. I am currently studying Arts and Humanities at Birkbeck University, having achieved a grade average of nearly 72%. I also have some experience with film and games criticism. My review(s) have been quoted on a DVD, a few film posters, and other promotional material. Since January, I review video games for websites listed on Metacritic.

When I applied last year for Film Studies, I was rejected. A foundation year grade average of then 69% and a university tutor reference could not make up for years of mediocre level 3 BTEC ICT grades.

With a new age (now 23), new writing experience, and having Asperger Syndrome, what else can I do to ensure I secure a place? I may not be a 18 year-old hot on the heels of some fancy A-levels. However, do I surely not obtain extra brownie points for my disability, status as a mature student, and a decent grade score? Please let me know what more I can do and if this is even a good score to begin with. After all, this thread's replies didn't give me much hope: "I assume the assignments are easier and the skills they are assessing are a lower level, you will be expected to continually improve[.]
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