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Hey guys,

I have a few questions about the course content of these two degrees.

I understand biomedical science prepares you to be a researcher and also allows you to apply to medicine through GEM. Medicine trains you to be a doctor with 2 years of pre-clinical study and 3 years clinical study.

However, I am curious about how much overlapping these two courses have, especially for the 3 year bsc in biomedical science vs pre-clinical portion of medicine.

Let say a student have studied biomedical science and then begin his study in 5 year medicine / 4 year GEM. Does he/she already know most of the stuff in the pre-clinical side (or perhaps they would know even more than most med students because have spent 3 years on it with a research dissertation instead of 2 years)?

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Hey this is a good question to look into

First point i'd make is be careful when you say medicine is becoming a "doctor with 2 years of pre-clinical study and 3 years clinical study"
in theory, it is like that, but in reality its not
the pre-clinical study and the clinical study are all overlapping
so yes, the first year will likely be purely pre-clinical
but then your second year you're thrown in the deep end and you're doing clinical as well as pre-clinical studies. so it's a mix

this is what's massively different to BMed Sci - this is more or less all theoretical (pre-clinical)
so you will pick up a lot of pre-clinical knowledge in BMed Sci, but it doesn't necessarily mean you already know it for medicine - because in medicine you need to integrate that pre-clinical with the clinical knowledge, which is something you cant do in BMed Sci

hope that helps a little!

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