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So i started seeing this guy back in February that i worked with because we really got along. i was 19 and he was 25 with a baby that was 4 months old. he had been told he'd broken up with his girlfriend (the mother of his child) early november after theyd been having issues for a while. He first made a move in mid-january when our workplace had a late christmas party (as we are a restaurant and bar so christmas is a very busy time for us). He got in the taxi with me and kissed me while i was drunk (I did not kiss him back as i was in a relationship at this time). Anyway i immediately confessed it to my boyfriend but i admitted i was confused and we decided to split. Me and my coworker started casually seeing eachother in February but i did not want to do anymore than going for drinks and kissing until he got his ex to move out, which he'd told me multiple times he'd tried to get her to leave but she was crazy. i trusted him but refused to go further as it wasn't fair to anyone. about a week in my ex received messages from a facebook account which he quickly realised was the guy i was seeings ex girlfriend catfishing for information on the situation. i spoke to the guy and said his ex was messaging my ex and he said he was going to finally get her to move out but she didnt so later that night i said it wasnt working and broke things off with him. I then got a text off his ex grovelling and saying it wasnt his fault and i shouldnt stop being friends with him she just thought we were more. she then admitted they had been trying things again. so i kicked off at him and told my ex (who i was best friends with) and he said i should come over. i called the girl to explain what had happened and she said that me and my ex should go to her house so we could talk. i didnt want to and said no but my ex talked me into it. (an error i now realise). she talked of how he was abusive and she wanted out of the house so i drove her, her baby and my ex all to a hotel. The hotel was full but it was already passed my curfew so i asked what they wanted me to do. did they want me to drive them home? But the girl said the guy i was seeing would take her home and my ex said his dad would pick him up so i drove him. later i get a call saying that my ex got in the car with the guy i was seeing too and started yelling at him over how he treated me so the guy i was seeing beat him to a pulp against the car, which his baby was in, and then drove off. He ended up getting arrested in work a week later over the domestic abuse and ABH. but he got let off on 'self defense' on both cases. i went to speak to my boss explaining the situation and saying id continue to work but i did not want to be alone with him at any point. my boss said that hed accomodate that but blamed me for the whole thing and did not blame him at all. shifts after that made me feel sick. obviously we have not been working of late but i will soon be going back and im not sure i want to but i am going to uni next year and need the money. nobody will employ me now as im heading to uni and if i stick at my job ill be able to get shifts in the holidays. but im not sure it is worth it, especially when im going to have to spend occasions christmas, boxing day and new year with him, a guy who makes me sick to my stomach, which i really dont want to. and my boss is being really unfair.
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I think you may need to put up with it since no where else is hiring you but i would recommend looking for another job while still working at the current place, just look out for yourself and at least you dodged a bullet.

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