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I am looking for accommodation for edgehill. I wanted to stay in the halls but I need an ensuite less than £100. What do I do?
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(Original post by Hxlly078)
I am looking for accommodation for edgehill. I wanted to stay in the halls but I need an ensuite less than £100. What do I do?

We have a number of options of on campus accommodation at Edge Hill, with varying facilities to suit different budgets. Information about all our different accommodation options can be found here. Most of our en-suite accommodation options cost over £100 and in general, en-suite accommodation options for less than £100 will be quite few and far between across all universities. You can see on our website that Forest Court has options of both shared bathroom or en-suite and prices vary from £75 - £105 per week for 2020/2021 entry, with the higher end of the price range being associated with the en-suite rooms, so this is our lowest cost en-suite option. It is worth bearing in mind though that while we will endeavour to place you in your preferred type of accommodation, this cannot be guaranteed and there is a possibility that you may be offered an alternative.

We recognise that for some students, having an en-suite may be non-negotiable for particular personal reasons. However, if it is down to preference, you may like to know that shared bathroom accommodation at Edge Hill involves sharing a bathroom with only a small number of other students, often for example only between 2 or 3 students. Shared bathroom accommodation is also cleaned for students, where as students would need to clean en-suite bathrooms themselves. This may be something to consider if you are particularly worried about your budget, but we understand that there may often be specific reasons why an en-suite is required.

I hope that helps, but if you would like further information in relation to accommodation, please feel free to get in touch with our Accommodation Team by emailing [email protected]

Good luck with your future studies!

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