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Moving checklist - updating your address?

Hi all! Whether you're moving to uni, back home, or to your own place - what do you need to change your address for when you move?

I've moved quite a few times now, for uni and a few times after. I've kept some things as my mum's home address until now whilst I've been renting, but I've now bought my own house. I've been slowly going through all the things that I need to change, so I've made a list below (which may help others!). Obviously a lot depend on the individual, so you might have some ideas of some additional things.

But if anyone can think of any that I've missed please let me know!

- Banks - some will let you do this online, some will need it changing by post or in person at the bank.

- Doctor/GP - you can normally ring to update them

- Hospitals/clinics e.g. outpatient services such as physio, mental health support. This does not always link to GP information.

- Dentist - you can normally ring to update them

- Council tax - as a student you should be exempt from this but you'll normally have to send off evidence. As a non-student you'll need to pay. However you can often get a discount if the property is unfurnished/empty for a period of time.

- HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) - especially for those working (including part time jobs at uni) and/or earning interest on saving accounts

- Benefits/disability living allowance/carers allowance

- Work/university e.g. payroll at work

- Voting/postal votes

- Energy company (gas/electric) - remember to take metre readings on the day you move in (the first day of tenancy) and the end of your tenancy/when you move out. As a student or even renting not as a student you may get these included in your rent.

- Water company - again, take the readings on the day you move in and the day you move out. You may have this included in your rent.

- Internet provider - you may also have this included in your rent.

- TV license

- Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) - make sure you change your license and update your log book. You can be fined if you do not provide your current address. It's free to update it.

- Car insurance - be aware that this may increase/decrease the cost of insurance based on the new location. But it's important to update so that you're covered!

- Break down cover e.g. AA, RAC, Green Flag

- Home insurance - buildings and/or contents

- Loyalty cards e.g. supermarkets, retail stores. For example, Tesco, Boots.

- Blood donation

- Subscriptions e.g newspapers/magazines, Netflix, Amazon

Anymore that you can think of? Post below! :biggrin:
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Changing your address is pretty straightforward. It's the other things you have to keep in mind in order for things to go smoothly when you're moving. To give an idea of what I'm talking about, take a look at this article from Three Movers: It covers a lot of information, including some things that I didn't think about, like keeping a box of the essential things you use regularly separate from everything else. I had to go digging through a bunch of boxes to find my contact lenses after one of them came out on the drive!

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