Stressing and overthinking

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I just get stressed with things like my phone if it’s slow or just other devices that aren’t doing what I want them to do. I just stress over small things so much and I overthink things. Like I keep getting stressed about college and weather I’ll have to redo the year and I stress about weather the work they sent me. A few months ago I got this letter through that my attendance is low and I will get kicked out of college if my attendance doesn’t improve and I just get stress all night so didn’t sleep. I went to college stressed and the teachers were being the most acknowledging so I just stressed the whole next day. When I was at school and used to get my reports I used to stress so much about my mum seeing it because she punished me when it was bad and was pretty much all the time.
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I can relate to the reports bit. My mum used to be really mean to me when I would come back with "bad results". I would get all sorts of punishment and she would pretend I didn't exist. Not great for a 7-year-old. Unsurprisingly the pressure continued to trouble me when I was in school/college and I had a lot of stress related to exams and exam results.

Stress can be difficult to manage, especially with so many things going on and not having enough emotional reserve to deal with it. The ability to deal with stress is called resilience, and in order to develop that we need to be able to give ourselves a chance.

Speak to your college counsellor. Make an appointment with wellbeing if you can. You should also consider speaking to your GP who can get you referred onto services to help with managing stress. Often this will be in the form of talking therapy where you can speak to someone.

If they recommend you take some time off college or if you need longer than usual to complete it, I promise you it isn't the end of the world. This is your life and you are living it by your terms. There aren't any prizes for finishing college the fastest. I had to learn how to separate my mum's expectations of me from my expectations of myself. I realised that a lot of the stress I put on myself was coming from what I thought my mum thought was important. has a really good resource on stress.

Also, this sounds too simple and almost dumb, but try to just stop thinking about it. If the thoughts pop into your head, acknowledge them and move on. Type or write it out, then go do something else. Don't let it occupy your brain. Watch a video or listen to some music. Your brain will do what is the most comfortable/what it's most used to, and that will be overthinking, but try and re-wire it by moving on to something else.

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