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Hi everyone,

So i'm wanting to see a dermatologist but idk if my acne is bad enough?i have acne since 14 and i'm now almost 21 and have been on over 5 courses of antibiotics and a bunch of other treatments with no success. I have got probably 8-12 spots on my face and a few on my chest and back and sometimes get them on my arms but not many, is this enough for a derm visit? or will they just turn me away? i don' think my acne is severe anymore but after having it so long and other treatments not working i should be eligible?

Also, how does getting a referral from GP work during covid? and if i were to be allowed how would going to a derm work during covid, would i have to wait for all this covid to end or ?
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To be fair, if you're now 20 and haven't had much luck with other treatments, I'd say it was worth a try, as you shouldn't really have acne that has remained despite trying so many things.

I had really bad skin when I was a teenager and in my early 20s, and in the end I went on the pill at the age of 27, for contraception, and it was clear after 3 months. I hadn't tried that as a teen as my GP practice at the time were Catholic so they never mentioned the pill as an option that might work.

It angers me really.

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