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Hi all,

I just wanted to gauge other people's opinions on what I might expect to get in my 2020 A-Level results, considering a wide range of factors.

I study History, Economics and Mathematics - and in my latest mocks exams, which were sat in March, I got ABB respectively. We also received our grades for our History coursework which came back as 34/40 (A) in April. My mark breakdown for Economics, also, was 64/80 in Microeconomics and 38/80 in Macroeconomics, which is down to our macro teacher being a harsh marker, even by admission of our microeconomics teacher. Our microeconomics teacher was going to mark for AQA this summer, and so she's gone through the training and I would assume then her mark would be more accurate. For mathematics, our mock exams weren't conducted properly, whereby the papers were custom made and not in the Edexcel format for one, and also the papers had many more marks in the same allotted time frame (128 marks in 2 hours for pure). Most people preformed poorly in the Maths mock, and thus grade boundaries were lowered following a normal distribution curve where 50% was a B, 60% an A, and 76% an A*. In Mathematics, I received 54%. However, our cohort is a very able one, especially considering that we're a grammar school, so the grade boundaries are always skewed upwards when they make them, as is the nature of the normal distribution. The department said that usually, when they make exams, they make them for the purposes of preparing us for the real exams, not to test our current ability, so therefore they make them very difficult, and usually students perform 1 grade above what they got in their mock exam, whilst some students perform 2 grades above.

For some further information, in my Year 12 exams, I received an A* in my History exams, as we weren't taught AS at all, and started with A2 style exams. One of our teachers marks for OCR, and the other is an experienced marker, so the moderation etc. tends to be accurate for History. Department wise, usually around 29% of pupils get A*, 14% A and so on for 2018. However, in my latest mock exam in March I received an A. Also, as mentioned, my coursework received an A. My predicted grade is an A* in History.

For Year 12 Mathematics, in unit tests, I consistently scored 80%-100% in my pure Mathematics unit tests. I do not know my Applied unit test scored, but in the March exam I achieved 78% in the Applied exam. For mocks, bearing in mind the skewed grade boundaries, I achieved 84% in the baseline test (no grade given), E in the first mock (60%), B in the second mock (76%), and C in the final mock (60%). Also worth noting, with the exception of the first Year 12 mock, all subsuquent ones were on the borderline to the next grade, where the 76% was 2 marks from an A, and the 60% final was 2 marks from a B, on the school's internal grade boundaries.

Considering standardisation by exam boards will include GCSEs and prior centre attainment, I would like to provide these as well. 70.3% of all pupils at GCSE got overall grades 7-9, and 49% got grades 8-9 over all in 2019. Subject-wise, 92% got grades 7-9 in Mathematics, and in History 67% got grades 8-9. 74% got grades 9-7 in Business Studies. Centre progress for 2019 for A-Level was 0.1, and in 2018 was -0.01, and in 2017 was -0.14.

Classwork and homework has always also been completed to a high standard, as well as extra work for both History and Economics, both things noted by my teachers.

I would greatly appreciate any opinion on likely attainment as it would put my mind at rest a lot. Even writing this post was quite calming and therapeutic.

Thanks and kind regards,

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Sorry mate but we can't predict your grades for you. There's no point speculating, you can't do anything about it until results day.
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Tbh the only opinions that matter are from your teachers and your exam board's standardised model. What anyone thinks on TSR really has no value, compared to what your teachers think of you in their hearts and how they think you compare to others in your year. Maybe think about how you're teachers treat you on a daily basis? I dunno, it's hard to tell what's really on teachers' minds.

For now there's nothing we can do about it. Maybe just create plans for results day, like which clearing places would you go if you underachieved by x grades, etc. Researching clearing would probably have more value than guessing grades.

No intent to be rude or offend you, just some personal advice from someone in a similar situation. All the best.

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