Bocconi BIEF vs UCL SEF vs Warwick MORSE

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Can I please get some advice from you guys on choosing undergraduate courses between Bocconi's International Economics and Finance, Warwick MORSE (Mathematics operational research statistics and economics) and UCL's Statistics Economics and Finance?

What's your experience with the three of them regarding getting into Investment Banking or Consulting, particularly in London, and then in Europe/US in general?

Which one's more recognized, respected, employable, prestigious, targeted?

Which will open more doors in the US, UK, or Europe in general (Switzerland or France for example)?

Does Bocconi have something like an Investment Society that is as good as Warwick's and UCL's?

Things to note: I prefer London to Milano. Bocconi will cost considerably less (Bocconi I got a 50 percent tuition reduction (5k pounds per year) compared with UCL's 27.5k pounds and Warwick's 26k pounds)

In this ranking table about Employer's review, Bocconi is ranked better, is it reliable though?

Bocconi (BIEF course specifically) offers an exchange opportunity at the following unis: ESADE, Rotterdam, St Gallen, Erasmus, Tilburg, UBC, BU, all the Unis of Cali (including Berkeley, UCLA, etc), Columbia, Dartmouth, NYU (including Stern), UPenn (not Wharton), Purdue, Princeton, HKU, Tsinghua, and many other unis in Asia/Oceania/Africa and it is not competitive to get I you work very hard.

Whereas UCL has a few very competitive exchange places at Toronto, UPenn, Columbia, UCLA, Chicago, and Purdue.

Any opinions appreciated.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.
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So looking at your choices purely from “value for money” point of view - Milan stands out positively.

Some of my friends in banking did engineering/physics then a financial degree. Two received MBA from insead at Fontainebleau. One then did all the accountancy exams and became the only straight accountant at ENRON, allegedly. The other friend is based in Edinburgh and looks after a hedge fund, with enormous amounts of $$$.

To get into Swiss society, banking, it helps to speak English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese - not necessarily in that order, maybe Romansch too, I think Switzerland would preferentially employ someone who had studied there. So would there be a college in Ticino/Lugano, Geneva or the large German part of CH for a one year Master in finance?
(I’ve only personally researched CH engineering courses)

Disclaimer: I live near Milan, it’s great! I have lived in London, was OK. I have lived in Geneva, which was nice for a few years, but I now earn more in Italy. Warwick taught me all I know about Mass-spectroscopy.

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