Design Engineering: To Open University or not to Open University? Advice Needed

Poll: Design Engineering: To Open University or not to Open University? Advice Needed
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TL;DR: I am currently studying a BSc Product Design degree but realised I want to go into Design Engineering. Would I be better off quitting and starting a new BEng Design Engineering degree or completing a part time BEng Mechanical Engineering degree with the OU alongside my current degree? I need advice!!


I have just completed my first year studying a BSc Product Design Technology course in England. Whilst the course has some engineering theory (mechanics, manufacturing, materials etc), I wish it had more and find myself gravitating towards this as a future career.

As such, I have two main options:

1. Restart a course to study a BEng in Product Design Engineering.

2. Continue studying this BSc in Product Design and take up a BEng in (Mechanical) Engineering with the Open University during my 3rd year (out in industry).

I am personally gravitating towards the latter option for a couple reasons, but would like to hear your thoughts and opinions…

One primary reason for me not switching is cost. Including tuition, accommodation, general living etc, this year at university will have cost me £17,000. For the cost of switching to a whole new course (and thus wasting £17,000) I could literally complete a BEng (alongside my current degree and into my first job) for about £18,000 (thats still a lot, but cheaper than restarting).

Secondly, the current Product Design course I am studying is nationally renowned for its research and graduates and I am somewhat scared of giving up an opportunity which I worked so hard to be accepted for. I also have great access to facilities, professors and great friends at this uni.

On the other hand, I am aware that completing a second degree alongside my first should not be taken lightly and requires immense patience and time management. I have immense respect for any OU students/graduates!

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