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Hi, my name is Izzy. I am in my first year of A levels, studying Sociology, Geography and Philosophy.

My teachers decided to cancel are end of year exams due to the coronavirus except for my geography teachers they decided to make us do two. The first one is on hot deserts and the other one is on everything we have learnt this past year.

For hot deserts, we had to learn it at home and the only help we got was powerpoints that they set for us on google classroom. As we are having exams for geography I decided to purchase (well my dad paid for it) the CGP revision guide. this revision guide helps to explain the topics in detail but there is not as many words as the 300 odd page textbook we have.

I would recommend that those doing A level geography to purchase this as it helps to understand the different topics more. The revision guide is going to help me at least pass these exams which count towards our predicted grades.

Although I would really appreciate if anyone who is doing A level geography and is doing the Touat Region in Algeria as one of there case studies and has information in it to send it my way because my teachers have given me the bare minimum on it. I am also struggling to find much about it online. I have got enough information for the rest of my case studies but that one. 😒

If you would like to know how I revise, I do this:

1) I make flashcards of keywords.
2) I make revision notes using the CGP revision guide and make sure your notes are colourful and neat so you are more likely to want to read them again. Plus if your notes are in a folder or a notebook you are less likely to lose them and you have them for next year.
3) I do past paper questions to consolidate my learning.

This helps me to retain the information I have learnt.

I will let you know how well I did on both of my exams and whether I found them hard or easy, but I am not looking forward to doing them.

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