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does anyone have or know where i can find some top end essays for AQA A Level English Lit Spec B i do this course privately so i don't have the privilige for asking a teacher for it i just want to see an A* Essay structure, for Othello/Great Gatsby/Richard II/ Handmaid's Tale

one of my main things i struggle with is how to fit context to a 25 marker and how to include context that is relevant
Wilf G
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Sample essays are definitely difficult to come by! All I can suggest is that you go to the 'Teaching Resources' area of the English Lit B spec section of AQA's website, and look at the Resource Packages (Tragedy, and others). There are materials there that could point you in the right direction. It's all public access, and not password-protected. As for context, define it clearly before you start writing essays. p19 of the Spec is quite helpful, as is looking at the mark schemes for past papers. They show how examiners should apply mark schemes, and even go into specific AO3 detail. It's worth doing, as context is worth quite a chunk of the qualification's overall mark (around 24%). Context is actually not too difficult to get to grips with, but its definition is text-dependent. Lastly, it's tempting just to add a bit of context onto the end of an essay/exam answer, just so that particular box is ticked. Try to avoid that. A top-level student knows how to interweave contextual references into a response to a given title; it's more subtle and preferable to a 'bolt-on'. (Read a couple of Examiners' Reports for further detail.) Hope this helps.

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