Why do I like dirty talk?

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During sex I really like the idea of a guy kissing and cuddling me while talking dirty and calling me names. Like calling me a good boy or a good slut or something. I guess I get turned on by guys who are being a bit protective and in charge (firm but tender). It is just really sweet and naughty at the same time. Sometimes guys want me to talk dirty and I am fine with it too, but I like to kiss them while talking dirty as well just to make sure they don't feel bad or anything.

But I often feel very weird and conflicted afterwards because that kind of dirty talk is still a little bit degrading or humiliating if you think about it logically. I know it is not a hardcore fetish or anything but it bothers me a lot.

I used to think people who are submissive or dominant are just into that kind of dirty talk and being playful, but nowadays I realise a lot of them are actually talking about really hardcore unhygienic sadistic BDSM stuff. I am worried that enjoying this kind of dirty talk might increase my proximity to those people. (I don't judge them, but I think I would prefer to stay away from them after talking to some of them.)

So what should I do? Should I just stop fretting? Or is enjoying that kind of dirty talk a sign of low self esteem or something? I honestly don't know. I think I need some advice.
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I mean if you like dirty talk it doesn't have to be derogatory or degrading comments. I like dirty talk but naturally neither of us say anything bad to each other, more positive dirty talk. I think natural dominance and submission is perfectly fine and most people will happily do this without a problem.

Yes I think that's sensible to stay away from them imo....

So if I were you I wouldn't fret, most guys will happily be dominant without being too much. and you can enjoy dirty talk without it being degrading vocab.
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Nothing wrong with talking dirty filthy talk in or out of bed it adds spice you your life

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