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Advice Needed!!!

So here is the situation:

I'm an international student who has just finished my 2nd year doing a PPE at LSE. So I went to quite a traditional boarding school and so for uni I was really hoping for a 'classic' and 'traditional' British uni experience. I had my sight set on Oxford since I was a child, but alas I bombed one of my interviews.

After a bit of self loathing I had to make the choice between Durham and LSE (for PPE). I made the mistake on going purely on reputation and chose LSE. I had heard that the student experience wasn't great but I'm quite a bubbly person and so I thought I could make it work.

However, here I am half way through my degree (PPE at LSE is 4 years) and I can't help but feel that I am really not enjoying the Uni. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the course (philosophy not so much) and I've been able to take loads of maths (which I quite like) but the student experience and community feel (or lack there of) is absolutely appalling. It feels more like a full time job than a university. I don't feel a part of LSE at all, it's really just the place I go to attend classes and lectures.

I have tried to join loads of club like: rugby, cricket, tennis and other societies but the same problems of the uni ensue into these clubs. Everyone seems so cutthroat and single-minded on getting an internship as opposed to loving their subject and the uni.

Anyways, rant over! I applied, and was accepted, to transfer onto the BSc in Economics and Mathematics at the Uni of St Andrews. I am really tempted to take up the offer, but I need some advice on whether people think this is a good idea or whether I'm making a huge mistake.
All feedback welcome (but please be nice and polite).
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Each to their own to be honest. University is mainly about the degree, my uni personally wasn’t very social but for me the employability aspects and careers links were most important. I did make friends in my course and they were enough.

It’s up to you, but think about long term. Which uni will be better for you career wise? Which will help the most in finding a job after graduation. That’s the main reason you’re there right?

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