Is it always raining in glasgow? Heavy or mild?

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If you are moving to Glasgow, be aware that there can indeed be several seasons in one day - the weather is very changeable. There is a saying in Scotland that you pay for one day of sunshine with three days of rain. Today it is 28* and sunny, but it does rain here quite often compared to hotter countries. Make sure to pack suitable clothing and shoes or buy when you get here. A waterproof jacket and comfortable shoes/trainers are a must especially if you plan to do some sightseeing, and wellies can come in handy in winter as we do sometimes get snow (usually at the end of winter in February/March!). Luckily, Scotland is a beautiful country no matter the weather!

Safe travels,

Gill @ MyPad Paisley
Thanks for the advice i ll surely keep that in mind
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Hahahha no , I live in Mumbai, and Mumbai has this extreme hot in summer and extreme rains in rainy days. Like literally so much of heavy rain that you cant see a meter front of yourself sometime. So thick.
I just dont want this. Atleast not for all the time. If its just drizzly usually and sometimes heavy then no problem, i can deal with it
It’s not heavy monsoon rain, that’s pretty rare. We do get a lot of storms though where you’ll experience that type of heavy heavy rain - usually during winter
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It does rain very often but it's usually a more mild rain. Not just drizzling but a bit more than that.

Coming from somewhere which has relatively infrequent but very heavy rain it was ok but a bit annoying. Glasgow city centre is a bit of an urban canyon though and when it gets rainy and windy you do need to make sure to either have a coat with a hood which doesn't fly off, or an umbrella which isn't going to break.

I'll say that Seasonal Affective Disorder is fairly common in Glasgow, particularly amongst students from elsewhere. It does get rather dreary over the winter and this can be a bit of a shock if you're coming from somewhere relatively more equatorial. Going home over the Christmas period will help a lot with this though.

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