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(Original post by Nerdythings)
HI there,
I've taken higher english this year and i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice?
At N5 I got an A2 (in the prelim ofc since there are no exams this year). Everyone seemed to have gotten an A1 at N5 despite minimal effort.

I struggled with English at N5, especially RUAE, and I really want an A1 at higher.

I was also in the same boat as you, when I was in S4 I got an A2 for N5 English as my final grade even though I’ve always struggled with English. I actually failed my RUAE paper but got the high mark because of my folio and essays

Higher English is basically N5 English except you now have to give a lot more detailed answers, especially in areas such as themes and tone. You also don’t get marks for quoting in the close reading paper (which really sucks), which makes Higher English a lot more difficult than N5

Passing English with a C is quite easy, but it is arguably one of the hardest subjects to get an A1 in. For the RUAE paper, doing past papers is a really effective way of improving your close reading skills. You could also read newspapers and novels and carefully examine the different techniques the writer uses. When reading a newspaper article, try writing down a summary of it and points regarding imagery, sentence structure, word choice and tone. You should make at least two points for each area. If possible, ask your teacher to look at your work so that s/he could offer advice

You can also try doing your first draft of your short story and your discursive essay. You don’t have to make these too detailed right now as it’s just a first draft, but for the short story I found that it was useful to follow a structure. I’ll leave notes about it under this post and you can decide whether or not you’d want to use it. Also, try to keep your story simple, it should only have up to 3/4 characters and up to three different settings. This will make it easier for you to be more descriptive

I did Higher English last year and failed my prelim, I really wish that I focused more on the work and took it more seriously lol

It might feel really daunting transitioning from N5 to Higher English, but trust me it does get easier and you will get the hang of it

Equilibrium Structure

This is a structure which splits your story into five main sections:

1. Equilibrium - your character is in a state of normality, this seems like just another normal day for your character
2. Disruption - something in your story pops up which disrupts the equilibrium. This could be an event or an introduction of a new character
3. Acknowledgement - your character realises that there is something wrong
4. Solving - your character attempts to stop this, which leads up to the climax of your story
5. Return to Equilibrium - your character is now back in a state of normality but the disruption has impacted their life forever

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