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    (Original post by JenHughes)
    I realise how stupid I sound now :o:. Its difficult to explain: I want to do subjects that go well together [Biology & Chemistry would be easier than Physics & Maths], and are kind of respected, but I'm just a little worried about the massive workload I'll be making for myself. xD
    [Hopefully that made a tiny bit of sense. ><; Or I'm just being stupid]
    Thanks for your reply.
    Sorry for double post: I just read this now.

    I know exactly how you feel. You're not being stupid at all, unless I was being stupid.

    That's exactly what I was trying to do. Remember, you don't need ALL your subjects to be respectable ones... it's good to take subjects you enjoy, too!

    i love it.

    How about History? It goes very well with English

    (Original post by Yeelow)
    ...This thread is from over a year ago. I'm pretty sure the OP has done AS by now. Please look before posting!

    (Original post by JenHughes)
    Hey, sorry to fill this sub-forum up even more with AS-choices threads, but I need some opinions from students who have been through AS or A levels already.

    I should say before I start this post that I don't know what I want to do at university, and I don't even have a vague idea of what I want to do as a career. [I'd also like to apologise for my bad wording xD]

    I definately want to take English and Biology, but I'm unsure about my other two subjects.
    I want to take two Sciences, so I have to choose between Chemistry and Physics.
    Chemistry: I thought I might take Chemistry ["A" at GCSE], because it apparently opens many doors, and goes well with Biology.
    Physics: But I'm really interested in Physics, and got an A* at GCSE. However it apparently doesn't go well with Chemistry, and I've heard it is really difficult at A-level.

    Last subject to choose:
    As well as taking English and two sciences, I need to take another subject.
    Art: I was thinking of doing Art [unendorsed] because I enjoyed it at GCSE and got an A*, but it is said to take up a lot of time at A-level.
    Psychology: I'm also very interested in Psychology, and I will have lots of help with it at home, because my sister has a degree in it. However, it is apparently not respected, and you can take it at degree level without doing an A-level, so even if I don't take it for A-level, and then realise I do want to take it, I won't have to go back to college.

    Any information relating to the subjects [If it takes up a ridiculous amount of study time/if it is ridiculously difficult] I have listed, and any advice/help on my choices would be more than appreciated.
    Thanks again.
    I would suggest doing English Lit, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You're right in saying that Psychology is not a well-respected A Level, Art is a LOT of work and that Chemistry is very useful for Biology (all the people in my Biology class who didn't take Chemistry struggle with many aspects of the course, and are going to struggle even more when we start Biochemistry soon). However Chemistry and Physics go quite well together, but if you are doing Physics, you should really take Maths too if you want to get the highest grades (at my school it's compulsory to take Maths if you take Physics). Although English Lit does not seem to complement the other subjects, I think it would provide a bit of variety so that you weren't doing sciences ALL the time (I took sciences and languages).

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