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So I became friendly with dracula not sure how but he seemed like an ok guy. But he did do some odd stuff like kidnapping other men to suck in their life force and rejuvenate himself ( he must have been over 100 years old but looked about 30-40). The men died when he took their life force and I saw a body just laying on the floor which felt like not that good, but I knew he did things differently as he was a vampire so I didn't judge. He gave me a spider as a present and it was really big and had really big eyes but was cute looking and I was thinking of getting another so it wouldn't be lonely but then I was worried that they'd have babies which could be too many spiders to have roaming around the garden.

Back at castle dracula, his mum was trying to get one of the dracula's male victims to be the next dracula and take his place. I was worried for dracula as he was my friend and his mum had this conspiracy going on to get him killed and replaced.

Does it mean anything? For conetxt I am scared of spiders irl and the day before the dream I saw a spider so big I could see its eyes bulging above its head and it freaked me out a bit.
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Spin around 10 times in each direction 6 times a day for a week - you won’t have this dream again.

Seriously though, it means nothing - drink lots of water, eat healthy food, stay relaxed, socialise with friends, and have fun. Don’t read into your dreams, they are subconscious thoughts that make no sense and are just a way for your brain to clear itself like a computer does. That’s all.

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