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What is the purpose to forum helpers? Are there any benefits to being one?
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What is the purpose to forum helpers? Are there any benefits to being one?

Forum Helpers

Forum helpers are members of the TSR community, who provide great help and support in their favourite forums. They also help to keep those forums tidy and easy to use, and help make sure newbies get answers to their questions. These helpers are often young people themselves, or have particular experience in that area, so can provide some great peer-to-peer advice based on their own knowledge.

Why you should join…
- Take a leading role in facilitating discussion and nurturing a community within a forum around a subject / topic you care about to help set its tone.
- Work together to develop and organise projects on TSR, for example Grow Your Grades, Uni Advice and the Transformation Contest.
- Welcome new people and help them settle into the community.
- Help make TSR a friendlier, more useful place by actively offering advice and help to members.
- Keep the forum tidy by moving misplaced threads and help members by responding to unanswered questions.
- Develop the community further by engaging with users that are drifting away.

Some of the perks…
- Becoming part of a friendly team as a force of positivity and support in people’s lives by helping them through their tough student years.
- Taking part in a fun and life changing experience, where people make friendships, build relationships and develop as people.
- Seeing the impact of your work with data on how your user base grows and how often they engage.
- Building new skills in an advisory and social media role for the UK's No.1 Education website, read by 8 million people per month.
- Coming on exclusive team meets (for 18+ Volunteer Team members - in the past we’ve gone to Centre Parcs, country mansions, luxury hotels and cruises down the Thames!)
- Receiving training on various topics including: university application advice from UCAS; offering peer support from Nightline; and editorial feedback on articles and blogs from our Editor.

To become a Forum Helper, you must be:
Aged 14 +
Able to demonstrate a good understanding of the community guidelines
Able to commit to making regular contributions on site.
(NB - if you progress to becoming part of the Volunteer Team or attend events in person, you'll then be required to undergo a DBS check)

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