How to improve application skills

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I am studying A level Maths, physics and biology.
While I am generally doing well (predicted BBB) and can learn concepts easily, I struggle with application in exams and never know how to brush up on this skill.
I tend to so past papers and practice exam questions but obviously all questions are unique and this method doesn’t always help me. I try breaking down the question and finding key points that link to the facts I know but still somehow struggle.
I am generally fairly intelligent but always struggle in exam conditions, I always panic and run out of time to complete the questions as well. Any advice on how to overcome these things?

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Doing exam questions will definitely help. Make sure to really study the mark schemes as well to see exactly what the examiner wants. I think quite a lot of it is just practice, practice, practice... the more you do, the better you become.

I would always be quite strict with myself in exam conditions so if I couldn't answer a question within a minute, I would move on. This will at least give you time to have a look at all of the questions and allow you to do all of the ones you can do easily. For the application questions for physics and maths, I would always try to calculate literally everything I could with the values given and usually I'd be able to figure out what I needed to do.
For biology, they typically make a lot of the application questions about something you aren't familiar with (an animal/plant you have never heard of or something like that) so you have to try your best not to get flustered when they come up. Pick out key facts from the question and try to relate them to what the question is actually asking.

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