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    When on planes in economy, people lean their seats back really far!! ugh!!

    (Original post by flathefifth)
    People who make up facts whilst trying to prove a point.
    Research has proven that nobody actually does that.

    Bad manners.
    Text speak.
    The Daily Mail.
    The fact my iPod has been formatted 9.4 billion times and still wants formatting.
    The increasing trend of disillusioned people to move to the right of the political spectrum.
    Primark, Woolworths and Morrisons.
    Morrisons adverts.
    "I kissed a girl and I liked it". **** up.
    Post-it notes that don't stick.
    Bus drivers.
    People who move to Spain because Britain is full of immigrants. Oh the irony.
    Sunburnt tourists.
    The girls in Partners who were sniggering at me when I came out of my interview.
    The fact I really want the job at Partners but don't want to work with them.
    Joblessness (mine mostly).
    Nick Griffin.
    My dog when it growls.
    Really camp gay guys who come onto you in Kings.
    People who are scared of travelling for no reason at all.
    People who don't trust me to navigate them across London even though I know it like the back of my hand.
    The woman in Tesco who secretly judges you when you buy alcohol.
    Not being 18 yet.
    The fact that David Tennant isn't on TV enough.
    People who can't see the problems with things. There is nothing that doesn't have problems.
    The man at the railway station who still tells me I can use my train ticket on the bus even though I am there at least twice a week.
    The fact that I don't think Sophie3 realises she is a walking parody of health & beauty students.
    Just things.

    Gah, can you tell I'm in a bad mood?

    I HATE it when tabloids make up words: 'Brangelina' etc.

    People who don't indicate correctly on roundabouts.

    Britain's Got Talent
    The Conservative Party
    Kerry Katona
    People who rave about "PC" and the "Nanny state"
    Man Utd FC
    Madeleine McCann and the McCann Family
    Princess Diana (**** off already)
    Evangelical Christians

    - Noisy eaters
    - Compulsive Liars
    - People that will repeat something I say as their own about a month after (RAAR!)
    - Popups on the internet!
    - People that agree with everything somebody says, even if they contradict themselves when the other person has their view (Everybody knows somebody like this?)
    - People that over exaggerate things to the point where you just know they are talking a load of *******s
    - People that just won't take no for an answer
    - People who over use slang to the point where any 'normal' person would need a translator.
    - People that play on the weak points of others to make themselves seem better
    - Chalk
    - Babies and noisy children, I often say something like "I'd shoot that thing if it were legal" (I am very impatient)
    - Having to wait for something or someone for no acceptable reason
    - People that use the self checkouts in the supermarket despite not knowing how to use them
    - Adults that think that just because they are old they automatically know best
    - People that condescend to me or others
    - Being told not to "answer back" when I am just defending myself, because I know I'm right.
    - People that take over when it's obvious nobody wants them to.
    - People that get jealous
    - People that put no effort into exams and moan about when they fail.
    - People that don't revise for their exams, despite being capable of fantastic grades, and then doing really crap because they couldn't be bothered
    - Smokers. I hate smoke, it has damaged my lungs (mother and 2x brothers)
    - People that invade personal space
    - People that knock on the front door that think it's better to ring the bell 2 or 3 times and use the letterbox. WE ARE NOT DEAF!
    - Cold callers trying to sell me a new phone, despite being under 18. And then having the cheek to ask for a responsible adult when I say I'm under 18. Just because I'm a minor does not make me irresponsible.
    - People that quote the Daily Mail about how there are around 6 Billion foreigners on the planet. Oh noes!
    - Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Homophobism etc.
    - People that complain about problems that are not problems. Wait until you have a problem, what you going to do then?
    - People that overreact at small situations. Similar to the above: Wait until something big happens, then you're ****ed
    - People that play music on their phones on the bus, in the street, in the supermarket! Or just have really loud earphones
    - People that feel the need to say "I have 12 pairs of trainers" or constantly give updates on how much stuff they have because they are just sooooo mega-rich

    Grr! I hate lots of things and people. I could go on for most probably double that list, but it isn't fair on my poor hands

    edit - I HATE camp gay people, or just people that are camp. It's so bloody annoying, I don't care if you are gay, just stop going on about it by acting like the stereotype. Some just play on it so much for attention, but that again is a stereotype of the stereotype.... Stereotypes in general piss me off.

    -When you have a great idea and then other people claim it as their own.
    -People who change between their normal accent, and then to some sort of gangster-esque language, making out that they have always talked in such a way.
    -People who murder people and then kill themselves to avoid the consequences of their actions.


    - people without manners
    - women who use their baby prams to knock you out of the way to get onto the bus [HOW DARE THEY!!]
    - old people who shrove you out the way just for the sake of it
    - strangers invading personal space
    - people sneezing & coughing directly on others [COME ON, USE A TISSUE!!]
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    my updated list
    -my nan going through my thingd
    -my mum who treats me like dirt (not exaggerating by the way)
    -screaming babies/toddlers (I would never have been allowed to run aound screaming in restaurants when I was a toddler)
    -Old biddies who get stroppy that you didn't hold the door open when they were the other side if the romm
    -people who think they are IT
    -airport security (last time I flew I got frisk searched, my bag searched through security and also my suitcase searched)
    -trains when they are delayed and no one tells you what is going on (I get the train almost everyday so it happens a lot)
    -pervy men (creepy itallian guys from croatia comes to mind)
    -people going through my things (If you want something JUST ask)

    Greasey hair. For God's sake just wash it!!!

    The expression "pet peeve".

    People who shout all the time
    Biggest rival is people who keep saying see u next tuesday

    Biggest pet peeve is someone I once knew who combined both of those, at the same time.

    Madeleine McCann and the McCanns.


    I was getting the bus to work early yesterday morning. When the bus stopped I went to get on behind a old man, he was clearly a OAP. Yet he insisted on taking 5 minutes to go inside his coat pocket to get out his bus pass!

    - Idiots who over use words in the wrong context that they don't actually know the meaning of. "You're so bloody fickle! I've never seen a fickler person!" he just doesn't like you, mate. Or "UR SOOOO PATRONIsIN! I DO NO HOW 2 SPELL! STOP CORRECTIN ME ALL UV DA TYM!" Ugh. Not my fault you failed your GCSE's then. Gah.

    -People who use chat or l33t speak constantly. It just makes you look thick. Sorry.

    -People who pay for their entire weekly shop on the self-checkout things in ADSA, whilst people like me who want to pay for a sandwich and a bottle of orange juice (with juicy bits) have to wait ages.

    -Juicy bits in orange juice.

    -Screaming kids. A little girl screamed so loudly the other day she nearly damaged my eardrum, then had the cheek to go 'uuurgh' at me when I pulled a face. Kids weren't as bad in my day, now...

    -Racist old bags who say daft things like "eee, all these foreigners in here today- they should be put on a ship and sunk..." Daft cow at a bus stop actually said this while me and my boyfriend laughed at her.

    -Jehovah's Witnesses. I'm an atheist/agnostic. Stop giving me copies of the Watchtower or I'll get a restraining order.

    -Shops like Primark where everything is cheap tat, but you're compelled to buy it for some reason.

    -People who whine about crap grades when they didn't actually do any work. "*cries* I got DDUE" "Did you revise?" "No."

    -Charvers in general. (You southerners call them 'chavs')

    Had to get that off my chest.

    People who refuse to accept that their opinion is exactly that - an opinion! It's so annoying, especially when they go on to insist that other people are "ignorant" simply because they don't agree with them! I know there's a lot more important things to be bothered about, but this really does wind me up :p:

    People who think, when they shouldnt.
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