IS anyone as unlucky as me? I always have to deal with the rudest people in the outsi

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I'm sorry to hear of this. I can get and still get really paranoid of strangers and people I've known and been friends with for ages! It sticks with you certain experiences. It's one thing people treating you unkind but another to personally attack you. You can only know that based on how you see them treat other people which in most cases you won't. No one can shame you but yourself. You can just compassionately assume that when people are rude to you, that it is just to do with their own stuff and they are like this to everyone especially those who challenge them. I will say honestly that as one bullied person to another there is nothing wrong with you and you have nothing to be ashamed of. People probably actually like you more than you like yourself
thank you so much. Finally someone in this thread who understands x

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