Recurring depression

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Since I was a kid I have experienced depression and this is something that comes and goes. What’s scary is feeling the early signs and symptoms and knowing what’s about to come so I am trying to be proactive and do something about it before it gets worse.
I know covid is the cause. Just like many I am so fed up of the same old day in and day out, I feel like all I do is tidy my house and I am getting cabin fever, I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep. Although there are helpful suggestions like exercise etc, I have no motivation to do it! Anti depressants are not even an option for me, previously they have only made me feel worse. I know hundreds of thousands of people are feeling this way right now for the same reasons so I don’t want to come across as I am the only person finding this time challenging. I start uni in September and it can’t come quick enough! I have a kid and I try and hold it together for him so as it stands, he is oblivious but he is 12 and a smart kid, I don’t want him to be negatively affected by me.
Positive, motivational advice required please!
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Hi, I know it is tough I have had my own troubles with severe depression. Just please do not lose hope, it gets better then it gets worst and the cycle goes on until something changes it for the better. It would be great if you could research as much as you can about the protocols that helped other people get through this. Some mostly need psychological help and others medical and dietary. You could try and see what suits you best, perhaps see if your GP can set up some sort of therapy for you.

I felt the same way about the anti depressants until I could not take the toll depression anymore and went back on them again after few years being off. Most of anti depressants did not work for me but finally found something that has been working. Another thing that helped me function when I was off anti depressant was my diet, I used eat a lot junk food and changing to more healthy diet has been the best solution. I don't know about you, but I can not even cook when I am depressed. I am now drinking veggie or fruit smoothies first thing in the morning, it seems to be the easiest.

Maybe look into taking regular supplements that really help with energy levels and mental function like high dose omega 3, B complex, good quality multivitamin, Magnesium plus Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Taurine when needed.

Really glad that you are going to university it will definitely lift your mood and distracts you from all this. You seem like a wonderful mother that truly care about the influence you are having on your child which is not that common. I don't think your son minds this as much as you think he does. So please focus more on yourself and take care of yourself.

I ranted a lot but hopefully It was helpful
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Thank you so much for your reply, it was very helpful. I’ve been on and off anti depressants for years but the last time, even darker thoughts came with them. I’m trying self care this time round but it’s still difficult. A change of diet is a suggestion I really need to act on, when I feel this way I eat all the worst possible things! Aww thank you for your comments regarding my son ❤️ I appreciate your advice x

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