why do I find it difficult to be friends with girls my age?

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I don't want to sound like a pedo or whatever as I have friends of a large range of ages from 15 to 25.

However for some reason I have noticed that whenever I try make friends with a girl that's around my age (I'm 20) or older they are boring to text, tend to ghost really quick or just don't reply period.

However the friendships I've made with younger girls who are aged 16-17 for some odd reason they're more keen on listening to me, engage well in the convo and are more entertaining to text.

Mind you these are mostly online friends strictly platonic friendships.
Maybe mentally I'm just a 17 year old but I doubt that is the case.
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I don’t want to judge but being tht age and having friends under 18 might be seen as weird but maybe it’s your approach to girls your age. Younger girls love talking to older men because it makes them feel mature and just tht experience alone they find it fun. Having friends is not by force so just keep being you. Unless you’re overpowering or something (I hope I make sense)

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