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So for some reason I seem to get really bad anxiety in the summer. It just makes no sense to me. This time last year, I had just started taking antidepressants, an I remember it being really warm, and I got so anxious, to the point where I had to go to A&E. Now this year, It's extremely warm again, and I'm getting really bad anxiety. This week has been really stressful, It's warm, I had my first week back at school, my hay fever is playing up, pretty certain I have wisdom teeth coming through, but it might just be my braces or from clenching my jaw too much. Anyways, I just wanted to see if anyone else gets really badly affected by Summer and heat when it comes to anxiety
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I don't really suffer in summer so much, but I do know what being extremely anxious is like, and I really sympathise, it's not fun. I think the main thing to know is that (however cheesy this might sound) this week has only been one week in your life and things do get better. Are you getting help at all? Seems like this might be a good thing to look into ( I mean apart from the antidepressants, like maybe counselling or something?) If you're in the UK, I know the NHS is busy, but it might be as well to get yourself on a waiting list. Maybe there's someone at school who could help, too.

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