Can thrush cause yellow / green discharge.

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I’ve had recurrent infections in the last year that I thought were thrush, sore / itchy vagina and some white / yellow clumpy discharge (though this was less prevalent earlier on), I never got them checked out because they’d always go away and I just assumed it wasn’t serious, I hate going to doctors and making phone calls so just decided not to get it checked out which was stupid Ik.

In the past few months (where I’ve not been sexually active) the symptoms have been almost constant with a few breaks and I’ve had some green discharge which has made my think maybe it isn’t thrush, though most of the time the discharge is still yellow and when it is green it’s always clumpy which from what I’ve read isn’t really the case with STI’s but I could be wrong.

I’ve just sent off a test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and will test for others if it’s not that but I just wanted to know if it’s possible that it is yeast infections with green discharge? All other symptoms resemble a yeast infection but I guess they also match a lot of STI’s.
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thrush, chlamydia and bacterial vaginosis can all present with white discharge with the latter usually having an offensive odour, hard to say without knowing your medical history and if you have any UTI symptoms, gonorrhoea usually produces yellow/green discharge, i think it will be worth waiting for your results, i hate making gp appointments too but alot of practices now have online systems where you can contact your gp online and wait for them to call/message you back
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I have had thrush a lot and I have never had green discharge with it.

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