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Another 'weighing up my options thread'. watch

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    Hey everyone, first of what will hopefully be many posts.

    Just wanted to ask about some advice as to what the best course of action for myself, seeing as I have some ideas, but am not 100% sure which of these options is the best one.

    I've just completed my first year at college, and didn't get the best results in the world. I'm studying Maths, Politics and Economics, and got E,E and D respectively, which I'm rather shocked with to say the least. I'll be going back into college on Wednesday to re-enroll, talk about possible resits, among other things, but would appreciate a nod in the right direction.

    The thing is, I should have actually finished college by now, but I restarted the year due to suffering with depression. My parents also broke up last Christmas among other thing, which didn't really help, in fact I'm almost certain I'd have done a lot better, as I did lose quite a lot of time in those particular months.

    My targets/predicted grades for this year was CCC, with the idea of doing some resits depending on marks, and seeing how things played out. Now, as you can obviously tell, I am quite disappointed. My Economics wasn't that bad, as I managed to get a B in the Macroeconomic exam (Exam board was OCR), a C in U1? (I think) and messed up with an E in U2, so finished with 179/300, 1 mark off a C. I'm almost certain I can resit these two exams to get that C, possibly a B if I work hard, and with a bit of luck. Mathematics has been a nightmare for me these last few years to tell the truth. I managed a level 6 at 11, which at the time was quite a rarity. I managed to get an A* in Maths at year 10, but the college didn't support me in any shape in year 11, so I studied for statistics independently during year 11, but still forgot some skills in other areas of the syllabus, and as a result, have struggled with since, even with the aid of a tutor. I'll most likely have to resit C1, C2 and D1, as I know I can do better in all 3.

    After getting my disappointing results, and being rather upset for several days, I've accepted them, but am still having trouble coping with my E in Politics. I have enthusiasm for the subject, and was doing Mock exams/Essays the whole year, consistently getting B/C's, which is why I am still shocked about the result. The exam board was Edexcel, and the marks I received were 60/100, 40/100, and 40/100. I found this rather peculiar, seeing as it seems as if I've scraped a C and 2 E's in the individual paper's by the skin of the teeth. I'm thinking of getting it remarked, but are those marks a possibility, as my father agrees with me that they seem to be a bit of an anomaly, as it is out of 100, and getting those marks seems a bit more than just a coincidence.

    I also have aspirations to go to University, and am looking at A2 grades of CCC and above. I'm also starting an AS in Critical thinking this year, which I'm sure will be very useful.

    I'm basically wondering if there have been many people in the same boat as me, how things turned out for them, as well as wondering if I should resit and remark those particular papers.

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