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Hi, I have a BA in Photography in The Netherlands and I have a few questions. I'm interested in doing a MA in anthropology, and I'm interested in the 'visual anthropology' at Goldsmiths. However I also like what I'm hearing about SOAS uni, and they also offer various anthropology MA's. Which uni is perceived better when it comes to anthropology? From what I've heard Goldsmiths is more creative, but SOAS has higher ranks. Any students or alumnus that can tell me that they think?
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I don't think there are substantial differences between the two, but I assume SOAS has slightly better opportunities.

If you are interested in anthropology in Africa and Asia, SOAS can rival the most prestigious unis in the world. Its specialist in that category after all.

If you have no regional focus, I would say SOAS still have more chances in Bloomsbury. My dissertation supervisor in UCL is actually a SOAS staff and you can join lectures and events in other Bloomsbury colleges like UCL and Birkbeck. LSE and KCL are just 10mins down the road. Goldsmith, though in a lovely area, is a little bit isolated comparing to SOAS.

However, be aware that London as a whole is not very suitable for studies, though one year master might occur less problems. You may not have the feeling of community and healthy wallet.
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