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Head Girl Application Letter

Hi everyone!

I guess this is around the time where secondary schools across the UK are opening up the applications for the next head boy and head girl.

I applied to be deputy head this year as I was new to the school in year 12 so I knew I didn't stand a chance against all those smart people that have been in the school for the past 5/6 years while I was barely in that school for 10 months before the whole pandemic started.

However, I still applied for deputy and here's my letter of application if anyone wants to read it and give feedback that would be greatly appreciated!
Dear Mr _________,

Despite joining the school in year 12, I am immensely grateful for the fact that the students and members of staff have welcomed me as if I have been here my whole life. I believe that I can provide the same support and encouragement that I have received after arriving at this school and can motivate each student to become the best versions of themselves.

I understand that the role of Deputy Head Girl consists of supporting the Head Girl and Head Boy in their duties by working alongside the Deputy Head Boy and the Senior Prefects. I want to make students of all year groups feel comfortable in approaching me to express their concerns so that I could help them or direct them to a teacher if necessary.
The Deputy Head Girl should act as a mediator between the pupils and the Senior Leadership teachers, as well as an ambassador for external visitors to highlight the positive aspects of the school and answering potential questions regarding school life and mental wellbeing.

In (old school), I was elected to be the form representative in year 9, which involved meeting with representatives in different years to highlight issues each form has brought forward and to report positive feedback and constructive criticism to the Head of Year and Deputy Head Teacher. This has taught me the value of teamwork and cooperation and to prioritise different ideas based on what seems the most achievable, such as allowing the students access to the fields during the summer, and discard impractical suggestions, such as purchasing vending machines for the gym. I have helped in my school's open days by presenting assemblies and developing my quick-thinking skills by responding to the question the parents of potential students asked about the school.

A Deputy Head Girl should also know how to plan different events and fundraisers, and I have helped organise a party for senior citizens by collecting money through fundraisers such as bake sales and organising the music and slideshow for the festivities, as well as taking part in the Christmas Party that this school created for the seniors. One possible event in the future to represent the school could be a 'Culture Night'. (school) is a diverse school made up of students from different parts of the world and a good way to celebrate that would be to host a night full of diverse food and cultural performances presented by the students who are proud of their heritage.

Another suggestion involving the lower school could be a form of a 'buddy' system. Different members of the sixth form including the senior prefects could go to different forms in the lower years once a week during registration, and the lower school could ask for school help or advice to help them get an understanding of potential university courses or apprenticeships as well as motivating them to achieve high scores on their GCSE's to meet the requirements of the courses that they are interested in. This will also help bridge the gap between the Sixth Form and the lower years and provide a greater sense of intercommunity by allowing the younger years to approach members of the Sixth form and ask questions about the subjects and the courses to get a better idea for themselves.

I believe that my innovative nature will approach tasks with originality and enthusiasm and help build on the qualities that our Sixth Form already possesses through the teamwork that I have gained through DofE and NCS. On several occasions, I've met with the current Deputy Head Boy (name) to discuss the challenges of this role and how we can go about tackling them effectively in a team. I have also displayed commitment and dedication to my subjects by staying after-school every day to ask the year above for advice as well as working together in study groups, enabling everyone to progress together, rather than feeling an individual accomplishment.

If I am elected as Deputy Head Girl, I want to leave this school knowing that I have made a difference, no matter how small, in the lifestyle of a student or the school community. I am excited about the challenges I will face, and I cannot think of a more rewarding way to give back to the school that has been so welcoming and accepting. By working within the school, I want to motivate each student to rise above the challenges they face and help shape them into hard-working students who are committed learners and exceptional people. School should not be viewed as an obligation but as a stepping-stone
in the grand scheme of the future. Students should feel safe and confident in whatever they do and more importantly, they should know that there will always be someone they can turn to for guidance.

Yours Sincerely,
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I wouldn’t start by saying you only joined in year 12 as it just gives them a negative right off the bat
Original post by Jack2355
I wouldn’t start by saying you only joined in year 12 as it just gives them a negative right off the bat

Thank you!
Original post by Jack2355
I wouldn’t start by saying you only joined in year 12 as it just gives them a negative right off the bat

How are you
did you end up getting it?

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