do you agree with me that listening to music all day or a lot gives you a false illus

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illusion of the world and makes you more depressed?
I listened to some songs from a playlist after a long time and it literally made me feel like I was somewhere else enjoying myself having so much fun and as soon as I stopped I realised im alone in my bedroom and it made me feel so depressed.
Also people love to listen to music when feeling down or depressed but listening to sad songs in such a state makes you so much more depressed than you already were? its crazy how you can relate to music to certain memories and feelngs and thinking about those times also make you feel depressed.its so hard to explain the exact feeling it gives but it makes you feel this nostalgia and sadness that makes everything worse and is completely unnecessary as your emotions were not as bad as that in the first place. I hope it makes sense. let me know your thoughts

I try not to listen to sad music just happy light hearted music
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I listen to songs that remind me of good times, especially during lockdown. Listening to (or watching) a good live set from one of my favourite bands and singing along loudly brightens everything up because I know the time will come again when I can go out and experience it for real again.

Sometimes sad music or deep lyrics actually help too for putting things into perspective.

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