Help me choose: Computer Science or Electrical Engineering Degree

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I really need help choosing between taking Computer Science or Electrical Engineering at University (Undergraduate), if anyone could convince me either way I would appreciate it alot.

I'm really interested (and independently learn) things like programming, cryptography, maths and networking and I think I'd be very talented in these fields professionally but at the same time I don't think I want to spend everyday of my life sitting in front of a computer typing and I don't think there's much of an electronics aspect to it which would be useful for my tech startup aspirations. I'm interested in electrical engineering because ultimately I want to be an entrepeneur and I believe EE would put me in the best position for creating my own technology and it also has an aspect of computer science included. On the other hand there's alot of boring parts of EE I wouldn't be interested in and I'm not sure if most courses really involve much computing teaching at all.

I'm also considering mechanical engineering as there is lots of electrical engineering involved with it so it would make me more well-rounded and in good stead to make a tech-startup and I'm also very good at mechanics at A-level. I think in summary I'm looking for which course will make me the most all-rounded individual in technology as a whole with perhaps a slight edge in the field of computer science.

My A-levels are: Further maths, maths, physics and chemistry and hoping for A*AAA as a minimum.
(I need to make this decision as soon as possible so I can start a project related to the field I choose to help with my UCAS)

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