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I'm in the lower sixth and I'm applying to uni once we go back to school (if we ever do haha)
Durham is my first choice uni, I want to study Film and Visual Arts. obviously with Durham you have the option to apply to a specific college and I just had a couple of questions surrounding that.
firstly: if you get rejected from your college is that it? as in; have you therefore been rejected from Durham as a whole, or will you still have the chance of going to Durham but simply being in a different college from the one you applied to? - in other words, could the college you apply to determine if you get into the university at all.
secondly: if I don't apply to any college (I think it's called an open application?) will that negatively affect my application?

thank you so much
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No Durham accepts or rejects your application first then if you get an offer you will get a college allocation. They try their best to give you your choice but sometimes you can be reallocated to a different college ( THIS IS RANDOM AND TAKES NO ACCOUNT OF YOUR CATERING PREFERENCES) so you may end up in a totally different type of accomodation. You cannot change your college allocation except for medical reasons. Your allocated college is guaranteed if Durham is your firm but it may change again if it is your insurance after results day (this doesn't happen that often)

An open application doesn't affect anything regarding chances of getting an offer.
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