Never felt British despite me living in the UK for over half of my life

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Hello wonderful people,

So lately, I've noticed that I do not feel 'British' generally and I'm quite intrigued about that despite living here during my adolescence.

For background, I was born in Brazil but I lived in Thailand for 9 years during my childhood years and got taught in an international school. Really though, I was more consumed by American media despite me visiting the UK every summer to see family and my dad showing me several pieces of UK media and customs. But on the whole, Britishness never came to my mind and I didn't really think about identity back then.

I moved into England in 2011, during my adolescence and needless to say that I didn't fit in but that's beside the point. I didn't watch TV and I still don't and a lot of little things such as etiquette, humour etc. took a bit of time to get used to. During those times, I still watched American media, mainly YouTube videos and I had developed an American accent when I was 10. Throughout the years, I fitted in better and I had more British influences and even have a weird double accent. But, I still don't feel British, especially when having conversations with people, my mind goes blank because I usually don't get involved in discussions about football, people, the pub etc. Uni had also made me embrace my identity as a foreigner and felt a place of belonging with others but, not too much with the Brits.

Okay, so the question is do any foreigners in this board feel this way? I have nothing against Brits and I love this country but, I just don't feel British and I don't think I'll ever will despite the fact that I've basically assimilated here.

Many thanks
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I was born in the UK and I don’t feel like I’ve ever really belonged here for various reasons. I think most people feel like an outsider in one way or another. Everybody is a unique blend of different things and that’s what makes life interesting.
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