Psychology, Mental Health Nursing or Social Work

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I am interested in Psychology, particularly as it applies to Mental Health, Social Psychology and Personality/Individual Differences.

Some background info: I originally planned to study Psychology with a view to working in Psychotherapy or Clinical Psychology later on. This route is notoriously competitive, and would take a very long time to break into the profession, if at all. I noticed that many postgrad programs for Psychotherapy training (CBT, Family Therapy, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, etc) stipulate a 'core profession' as a pre-requisite for entry onto the course. The core professions are Mental Health Nursing, Social Work and OT. Further research led me to consider Mental Health Nursing as a possible route into this kind of work. It seems a varied and interesting career in its own right too, with opportunities for progression.

The medical model that nursing often subscribes to puts me off a little, particularly the thought of having to administer depot injections and drugs to patients. This is the only side of mental health nursing that doesn't fit in so well with my values (holistic and humane care, and medication as a last resort since mental illness is so often the result of traumatic experiences in earlier life). I understand that medication can provide relief for some people, but I think people should have better access to other means of support such as therapy and social support, since this can address the root of the problem and cut the chain of dependency on medication to alleviate symptoms, and by extension mental health services.

If anyone could give me some more insight into Mental Health Nursing as a profession (the role and responsibilities) I would be so grateful! And likewise, if anyone works in the field of Mental Health Social Work and could shed some light on their role, that would be very welcome. Lastly, is Psychology (in this case a conversion MA) a viable route into this kind of work. Or am I sensible to be considering other options? (social work/mental health nursing)

Thanks very much in advance for your replies

Many thanks in advance Image

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