Lancaster Uni, Townhouse or Regular Halls?

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Was just wondering what Lancaster students recommend, thanks for the replies.
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Was just wondering what Lancaster students recommend, thanks for the replies.
Hi Anonymous,

I'm a first year student at Lancaster and this year I've been staying in Superior Ensuite accommodation.

I think it really depends what kind of person you are, and what you hope to get out of your living experience. Townhouses are known as being a very sociable type of accommodation, so if you'd like to live with a large group of people, (and wouldn't mind starting socials in your house!), then it's probably for you!

I personally chose Superior Ensuite accommodation because I wanted my own bathroom, which was very important to me. In the townhouses, you'll share a bathroom with another person of the same sex as you, and everyone I know in townhouses has said that it's absolutely fine and not a problem. Also, I know everyone who wasn't in townhouse accommodation was extremely jealous of the large amount of social space!

The factors I'd consider when choosing townhouses over other accommodation are:
-The social factor (you'll be living with a larger group of people, have a larger social living space, etc)
-The cost (townhouses are cheaper than ensuites and Superior Ensuites, and more expensive than standard - find out more here)
-College choice: only Grizedale and County offer townhouses. Would these colleges suit you in terms of their location, ethos, etc?
-Whether or not you're happy to share a bathroom.
-Cleaning: townhouses don't get a cleaner for communal areas, whereas other accommodations do.
-Townhouses have bigger bedrooms due to the lack of shared bathroom (but, similarly, so does Standard Accommodation).

The townhouses are an extremely popular type of accommodation, so it's always worth having a back-up, in case it is oversubscribed. I'd recommend watching Charlotte's videos on the different accommodation types here, to get a feel for the rooms.

If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help!

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