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I’m looking to start a blog (I chose blogging over vlogging because YouTube seems to have a thing about how many views you get etc whereas I wanted it to be to track my life and don’t really care how many, if any, people see it). I prefer the idea of a blog to a diary because it will feel less like I’m talking to myself I guess.

I’d have a few different ‘sections’ such as books & films, college & education, travel (I’m lucky enough to travel quite a bit), general life updates etc

I also think I’d like to add a section on ‘ways to make the world a little better’ where I’ll post links to petitions and places to donate to causes that will also have a bit of info as to WHY you should etc.

Any tips? Is this even a good idea or is it not worth the work?
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A blog is pretty chill, as long as it isn't your job: there aren't any deadlines, and you have a lot of control over what you share and what you don't, or you can even present yourself anonymously. Blogs are a great way to talk about your opinions, thoughts and feelings in a space that's entirely your own.

I recommend for a completely free domain, you just have to keep at the end, and they help you make and publish a blog for free. Try out a free site first, and then if you feel you really want a more professional site, or even build up a portfolio if you're looking to get into freelance writing, you can always upgrade later.

My biggest tip is have fun! You said you don't care how many people read it, which is great, and even if they do they'll only want to read it if they can see you're having fun. Don't share too much online (I know I sound like an e-safety assembly, but I mean it) and you can even adopt a pen name so that you don't have to worry if you cringe at what you wrote in 5 years (I cringe at everything I've ever written), especially if your name is quite distinctive like mine.

Have fun,


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