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    I didn't read any of my set A-Level texts (I did read a quarter of 'The Color Purple' for the sake of quotes*). My B in English Literature is an absolute miracle on that basis. However, I'm an avid reader. I've read three books this week. None of them had pictures either. One was 600+ pages long. I think it's about finding what you like and sticking with it. I can get through a great book in a day or two. I can't get through a book I don't like whatsoever.

    * - Since read it from cover to cover after learning I'd 'forgotten' to return it. Excellent book, funny how teachers can make it seem so dour.

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    Good luck reading the phrase "anyone over 12". It is a book aimed at CHILDREN, it is NOT great literature, so anyone who thinks it IS great literature has either lost all sense of taste or is simply a nitwit.
    I read the phrase "anyone who's over 12" perfectly easily. You said "great book" earlier, not "great literature". I don't think it's great literature. I think it is a reasonably well written if unoriginal series that has entertained a huge number of people. To me it qualifies as a great series because of how many people have enjoyed it.

    I agree that anyone who considers it as something that is meaningful is deluded, and I don't think that it's something that people will be reading in a few generations time.

    (Original post by ish90an)
    The problem is too many people think of it as some great work of art. They DONT appreciate for what it is(a kids book) and instead over-hype it with titles like "the greatest book I have ever read" and "what a fine read". Sorry, its a kids book, filled with cliches and over-exaggeration, you might enjoy it as a kids book(your choice really), but what bugs me is when people start telling me how its the greatest book they have ever read and how this is the best fantasy book of all time. These people then go to reading forums and post "Harry Potter", "Eragon" and "Hardy Boys" in the "Your top 5 books" thread and make topics like "Which character from this book would you like to date?". Too many people will tell you Harry Potter nowadays when you ask them "What books do you read?" or "What is your favorite book?" and that is what I was trying to point out.
    I do believe it's a "great" series, if we're using "great" in its common capacity. That doesn't mean I believe it's the best book ever written; or even one of the best books ever written; it just means I found it thoroughly enjoyable, and a good example of its genre. Same way as I love Aladdin - I think it's a "great" film, but I certainly wouldn't rank it amongst the best films ever made.

    So I suppose this boils down to a discussion on semantics. If someone says to me, "I thought such-and-such was great", I automatically assume they mean they really liked whatever it was... whereas you appear to believe that such a statement equates to a proclamation of the thing's boundless virtue. Perhaps you're reading a little too much into the word "great"?

    Anyway, all that aside; I take issue with the assumption that all people who enjoy X book must be Y type of people. Just because you've come across some people who believe Harry Potter is the best series ever written, that's not to say that all people who have enjoyed the series think of it in the same vein. As I mentioned above, plenty of us just enjoy it for what it is: a great (see what I did there? :p:) kids' series.
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