My boyfriend told his friend he has a girl

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So my boyfriend plays with these people and some of them are girls. So I joined his game and his friends were like who is she. He was like I want you to meet my girl. One of his close friend got pissed and said bruh I'm acc getting pissed. After we found out she liked him. So then I was like I'm sorry if u have feelings for him and I left. So she said she doesn't care. So my bf tried to explain to her and she was fine after. So he told me to join back and I felt uncomfortable and left. After I played other games and he joined and I told him I'm scared coz this happens a lot. And idk what to do. I was gonna get pissed at her coz I was sad coz I dont wanna lose my boyfriend. This happens a lot. 5 people told my boyfriend to choose between me and them. I got into a fight with one person coz she kept getting rude to me and saying ur not supposed to be with him and stuff. Idk what to do.
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If these are just online gamers your boyfriend has no loyalty to them, unlike if they were friends in real life. However, even then, why would you lose your boyfriend? If he finished with you because he was getting a bit of grief online, he wasn't worth it in the first place. He can find some new people to play with.

Talk to him, but you sound a bit overdramatic if you think your boyfriend will leave over this. Is there something else going on between the 2 of you that has caused trust issues?

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