My brother made my mum cry but its her fault for raising him that way :/

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So long story short there is a lot of sexism in my family and culture. My 22yr old brother can lay back whilst I do everything and I have had enough. I am 20yrs old and im like a broken speaker but I wont shut up. I am sick of this sexism. I am girl so im suppose to do all the cleaning etc. When I complainn to my mum she gets really annoyed and she started crying randomly the other day but its her fault. She abused me when i was younger and beat my so badly with belts, sticks, everything. My brother was also abused but not as much as me. Today he shouted at her bc she said something to him normally and he took it as a attack which he always does. I hate him and hate my dad. She started crying and it was probably because I also am not talking to ger after a fight. But its all her fault I dont understand or feel bad for her. She allowed his aggression and fuelled it by giving him luxuaries of being a 'boy' whilst i was abused for rebelling and believing in equality. I hate living here and every day becomes more depressing. My borther would beat me and emotionally abuse me till he was 20yrs old. My dad is a sexist mf and I really couldnt care less if he dies. My mum is also upset that I dont have a good relationship with my brother or dad but agian its her fault for marrying and having backward thniking. Do yu agree with me? everyday its 'because youre a girl' or 'its a girls job' whilst my brother wakes up and eats all day. I am so sick of it. She doesntc are that women are working which means men should also do what traidioantlly is a womans job
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Which culture?
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I know what you mean. I hate this society

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