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I’m not quite getting the guidance I’d have hoped for at school so I’d really appreciate anyone who’s done an EPQ or is doing ones’ opinion.

For my EPQ I’m torn between two topics, I’ll list the topics and go through the pros and cons.
(These aren’t potential titles)
Love is just a chemical
Pros- it allows me to draw my own conclusion and properly debate both sides of the coin. I can look at different subject areas (mainly neuroscience- I want to study biomedical science at uni, but I can wander to evolution, anthropology, English lit, history, zoology, ect)
Cons- Limitted secondary sources (although there are enough) and my primary sources are even more limited and might not link directly to neuroscience. The other topic is more applicable to my future ambitions.

Evaluating the connection between music and cognitive function- food for thought, Mozart for memory.
Pros- a lot of sources and research available. Primary sourcing would be brilliant as I can do my own little research projects (Tests on friends who play/don’t play an instrument) and there are lots of options. I play instruments myself , mainly piano, so I can do some primary sourcing there. It applies to my future ambitions a lot
Cons- I don’t want it to just be a collection of other people’s ideas and research, which I fear it’ll end up. There isn’t a lot of room for debate or any ethical issues.
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Both of these sound like very interesting topics that you could truly evaluate on and do well in. I have a friend who did something similar to the second question for a research project we had to do for a qualification. After picking it simply because he played multiple instruments and also had a high academic profile he became incredibly engrossed in this topic and found it seriously informative and enjoyable to research. Furthermore, with this topic you could branch into the comparison of dementia in older individuals who have played/ still play instruments to those who don't.
But as I said in the beginning, the other does sound great too, whatever you'd enjoy spending more time on and presenting.
Good luck!!

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