Fitness to practice meeting for Collusion. Please help!

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I am a Pharmacy student and I made the stupid mistake of collusion in one of my exams. I am in the process of admitting my wrongdoings to the academic offence officer, where he will decide my punishment. I am almost certain that this will lead to a fitness to practice meeting.

Now there were mitigating circumstances of course, mainly feelings from my parents divorce which have plagued me for the last year, combined with the covid-19 lockdown, the bottled up feelings began to give me panic attacks and severe anxiety. Also learning of my cousin (Like a favorite sister to me) who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in December, and the threat that Covid-19 posed to her. It all came to a boiling point in the final hour of my exam, where I hadn't answered 5/30 questions. In my state of panic, and heightened anxiety, I foolishly asked my friend to allow me to copy her answers. It's something I've regretted since the moment I submitted the paper.

I am prepared on receiving a 0 for that module. What I am scared about is the fitness to practice meeting. I hope they don't see me as someone who is dishonest, it was a moment of madness. I have a clean academic record prior to this, and have studied at the uni for 4 years, again a long time with no previous mark on my record.

Is there anyone who can help me with the fitness to practice, e.g what to expect, how to persuade them I am fit to practice, if there are any other cases of collusion leading to fitness to practice meetings and what happened to them?

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