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Are there any places in the USA or Canada where I can study a medical related degree ( be it nursing, or some sort of medical technician) for a lower cost or get a scholarship because the fees are a lot more expensive than the uk. I want to study abroad maybe as I want to see different countries aswell.
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I'm sorry but if you want to study in the USA or Canada, you're going to be looking at MUCH higher fees than the UK. You can sometimes get scholarships but it would still be more expensive or at least the same price. Also if you're looking at going to well-reputed school, it will be even more expensive. The Ivy Leagues can cost 40K-60K PER YEAR! Also their student finance system is very odd, and I'm pretty sure they don't give out student loans in the same way they do here. It's all about scholarships and bursaries.

Also are you looking to study a graduate degree? I'm pretty sure that you don't study undergraduate medicine in the US, it's a grad school subject (not sure though I just read some other threads on TSR about this).

I understand your struggle, though. UK unis are increasingly expensive it's ridiculous. Would you consider studying in other countries such as Germany where tuition is very cheap/free? Or Bulgaria? Netherlands is good too!

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