2020/21 Student Accommodation Dilemma

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In light of a certain pandemic, many unis (including mine) are mostly teaching online with the exception of small scale seminars and practicals.

I have already paid a deposit and signed a contract for second year accommodation (I’m first year right now) back in December before all the pandemic news. However, it seems pointless since 1) I would have to distance from my own flatmates. 2) it would be hard for me to get to my family home at peak times like first year due to the trains and capacity and social distancing however that’s going to work out 3) it’s just easier and freer studying at home than in a boxed bedroom (because I’ve signed to stay in private halls).

I guess what I’m asking is if there might be any general rights to cancel the contract before it’s even started (it starts in September). I would ask them myself but I don’t see the point in having that awkward conversation considering they were stubborn on not releasing people from last years contracts, and when I signed up in December I received a voucher as an incentive. Would also be interesting if anyone was in a similar situation.
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No, you don't have the right to cancel a contract that you've signed. You are however allowed to find a replacement tenant, so if you can find someone to take your place and pay for the room that's fine.
I would guess that it's unlikely they'll be willing to release you from your contract if you asked as finding tenants in this situation might be challenging, but then again if you don't ask you don't get and all they can do is say no.

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