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    I got drunk and did something stupid, had a fight with my big brother and got arrested.
    We since made up as usual, bit now I have a police caution.
    I was told caution is not a big deal as it is not a criminal record.
    But I found out in lot of professional jobs they do ask about, any police caution records.
    After university I want to enter a career in accounting/ banking and I am wondering do they ask about police caution when they do a criminal check, I think they would be very picky as the world of finance is very competitive.
    I would be great full if someone can give me advice.

    You'll be fine.

    As long as nothing is actually on your record then its cool.

    They look for serious incidents, like fraud, that would jeopardize your likelihood to adhere to professional regulations. A caution for a family argument is nothing.

    Wrong - it does form part of the criminal record and an enhanced CRB disclosure will show this caution, but a normal CRB check won't show it if it is more than 5 years old - for accountancy, you will be put through the enhanced check.

    You are normally asked about criminal convictions - of which a caution is NOT. But if you are explicitly asked "do you have a caution?" or "have you ever been arrested whether it has led to a conviction or not?" - then you must disclose, it is a criminal offence itself not to. Don't worry about it at all mate; if asked, be upfront and explain it was an argument with your bro.

    A caution is not there to ruin someone's life, and there are laws and regulations stopping companies from discriminating on this ground. You need to go about your life and focus on the future, and never regret the past. Be good in future; you can only get one caution I believe, and they charge you if you misbehave again, and that is something that could close a few doors for you in the future if you get put before the Crown!

    i think a caution DOES go on your criminal record doesnt it?
    im sure that it at least comes up on a background check, for 5 years i think

    Most of the time a CBR check is used when working with kids, but some companies want to check anyways, just incase you have stole some money or done something quite serious.

    (Original post by gizmoleeds)
    Are you sure about this?

    CRB checks are generally just for people working with children AFAIK. I've worked in accountancy and certainly never been CRB checked! (Although I have when I volunteered with kids...)
    You can be CRBd for working with money, vulnerable adults, children... any reason an employer (or charity, if you volunteer) likes.


    You are right, enhanced is only for people working with vulnerable people. So for accountancy you only go through the standard crb check - I'm guessing only because it needs to highlight serious offences re: money laundering, of which you'd always get convicted, never cautioned.

    For a squabble with your brother though, who cares? If I was interviewing someone who was great but had a caution for arguing with his brother, I'd still give them the job in a shot. But if it was a conviction for dishonesty, violence, money laundering - then alarm bells would ring.
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