Suggestive readings for Persian (Classics and Oriental Studies at Oxford)

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Hi, I am considering applying for Classics and oriental studies (Persian) at Oxford this year. I have an idea of readings for Latin and Greek but Persian is an issue for me since I don't have much of a formal experience with it. So, anyone with any idea/experience with the Persian literature and History at Uni would like to help me out with my Persian reading list? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I am currently reading Shahnameh, the **** Davis translation. I have read Khayyam, Rumi, Ghalib and Khusrow (just to say I am familiar with the style and themes in poetry).
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Depends whether you're doing modern Persian or Old Iranian (Middle/Old Persian and/or Avestan). For modern Persian I don't really know, although there is a lot of potential history from the medieval period up to present, with associated literature (presumably in translation) you could explore.

For the latter you could probably just focus on reading about Persia in the Greco-Roman times, for example in Herodotus, and maybe also general historical background on the Achaemenid and Sassanian empires (also perhaps reading about Alexander and his phil-Persianism, if that is even a word!). For either/both aspects of Islamic religion in the region might be relevant, and for the Old Iranian option reading about Zoroastrianism would be relevant if you wanted to pursue Avestan. For both, although especially the Old Iranian option, some aspects of comparative/Indo-European linguistics might be interesting.

Not really a reading list as much as some random topics to consider, as I don't know any specific texts to suggest (other than Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon and Arrian all probably wrote on some aspects of Persia and Persians in their works at some point), but you can probably find primary sources in translation and secondary sources in English on most of the above if you pick a specific topic and look around the internet a bit (or see what kind of texts are used for similar modules at other universities).
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