I designed a crewed interstellar spacecraft

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Hi everybody,

I would like to share with you a crewed interstellar spacecraft which I have designed and called Solar One.

It employs a combination of 3 propulsion methods: nuclear fusion, beam-powered propulsion , and photon propulsion.

Basically, several compact fusion reactors power a laser system that propels a huge light sail.

Physicist Robert Forward already proposed in 1983 to use a 26-TW laser system to propel a 100-km light sail, a fresnel lens to focus the beam of the laser, and decelerate the spacecraft with a secondary light sail.

I propose something a bit different, which is to use to use for example a 60 TW-laser to propel a 5-km light sail that would deploy from the spacecraft after the acceleration stage, use parabolic mirrors that gradually change their orientation in order to focus the laser beam, and finally use a photon rocket to decelerate the spacecraft.

In theory, it could be possible to achieve 25% the speed of light, reaching the closest potentially habitable exoplanet in less than 20 years.

There are of course many challenges, like building high-energy continuous-wave lasers, reducing the weight of the nuclear fusion reactors (and of course achieving effective nuclear fusion first), and minimizing the effects of zero gravity during such a long trip.

What do you guys suggest to overcome these challenges?

This is my paper and a short video that summarizes all:

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Really interesting paper btw, I'm defo no expert in this area just love the subject.

Have you ever seen Expanse (Amazon) or read the books? Absolutely amazing series/ books, albeit fiction but the authors have a fantastic understanding of physics. The books also address a lot of these issues and may give you ideas or solutions.

To overcome the zero gravity on a long journey they described having an internal section of the ship rotating to create 1g.- like how a merry go round creates G force when you spin

Do you assume that cold fusion will become a possibility?
How do you decelerate?

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