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so I just wanted to hear other peoples opinion on widening participation and access schemes. These are where if you meet certain criterias you can get a university offer lower than everyone else.
Personally, I think some of the criterias are completely stupid. The one that bugs me the most is household income. how can you just draw a line and say everyone from families with a higher household income than this fails to qualify but as soon as your parents income falls below the line you automatically qualify. A lot of college students take up part time work because their dad wants to be independent so they get less pocket money. This child has had to do more to fend for themselves in college than a kid whose parents dont earn a lot but are bassically gave a blank cheque to their child - not to mention how kids from poor backgrounds get £30 a week from the government whilst they're in college.
I understand how children from low income households can find college more challenging because of their surroundings but it's not a university's job to challenge this inequality; its the governments job by providing more bursaries and schemes whilst the kid is in sixth form and therefore negate the financial struggle.
instead children from difficult backgrounds struggle more on their personal statement than grades. go try and get work experience in a accountants firm as a pakistani hijabi girl. or imagine yourself as a young black boy trying to list all the extracurricular activities he has been doing whilst living with his single mom. his mum probably never put him in any extra curricular because he had to be at home helping and mum already had to much on her plate. how many novels do you think a young Russian girl that came to the UK at 5 has had access to read? UK libraries are a scary place and school libraries underfunded. i think children from disadvantaged background have more difficulty in getting volunteering or uni advice due to parents networking circle than the fact that their dad made less money. I might be completely wrong ??
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I find your analysis refreshin. Experience is a tough one, what do you propose?
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