Clearing Or the Autumn/Summer Exam Series?

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Unfortunately, like every year, some students this year will miss out on their expected grades when it comes to results day. This may mean for some students that they will not be able to go to their first university choice. Although this may sound scary, this isn't any cause for concern. No matter what results day throws at you, being prepared and in the know is the key for a successful day.

For students who fail to meet their offer on results day but still want to attend university, the next few days can be pretty intense. They have to make decisions and make those decisions quickly. It seems to me that students who are still set on going to university after receiving their A-level grades have two main choices. They can either go through Clearing this year, or take the Autumn 2020 or Summer Exam series in the hope of boosting their grades.

This is clearly such a huge decision, and there are such a wide range of things to consider. I wanted to ask you guys, what factors do you think will influence your decision this year? I thought it would be useful for other students to know about all the things to consider before making their final university decisions.

If you get lower than expected, do you plan to sit Autumn exams or go through clearing? If this is the case what support would you need to help from us or anyone else to help you through this?

Similarly, if you were to do much better than you had planned, what then? In that scenario do you think you are already well-equipped with everything you need to know?

If you are already planning for clearing you can sign up for our free university clearing alerts here
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i just wish they gave us our results earlier so we could acc have time to revise for the autumn exams

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What are you most likely to do if you don't get the grades you were expecting?

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