A-level resits and applying after leaving school

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I’ve practically failed my A-levels while at school. I haven’t got my results yet but I know already they are going to be bottom of the barrel. I hope to resit and do much better but I am unsure wether to resit in the autumn or summer.

I would ideally like to resit next summer and apply with my best results afterwards but I sincerely doubt the school I’ve just left will help me with my UCAS then. I understand that I need references from the school but I’m unsure how long they are valid for? A year? Or can they be used indefinitely to apply through UCAS? I made the mistake of not applying while I was at school.

If anyone could give me some help it would be appreciated.
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What I did, is a year after the first UCAS application which was successful etc, (but ultimately went to Switzerland) when I changed back to UK (for completely new course) I just asked my favourite teacher at my old school, and she updated my last-years UCAS profile. My “second” bite at UCAS wasn’t a big hassle, as all details were sorted out via Clearing/Adjustment anyway.

Schools are usually quite helpful to their ex-pupils

(You can eventually negotiate an application to a single uni, not using UCAS, following the way that some overseas students do it. A direct negotiation. There are also some “special offers in clearing, some degrees that require just a single A-level pass, for example)
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