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Hey guys,
Did anyone applying for this course get tutors for the interview or NSAA? If not, how did you practise these (apart from doing the past papers online). Thanks!
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I did the NSAA last year for vet med (although it’s not for the same subject I did the biology and chemistry sections which is probably what you’ll do!) and I found that the best way to revise other than doing past papers was to ensure that your biology, chemistry and maths knowledge is sharp. It doesn’t go much beyond GCSE/ A level content so I’d make sure those topics are revised well.

I didn’t do maths A level and you have to do that section in the multiple choice paper so I did some past GCSE and FSMQ papers, I found this helped as the maths section is easily the most time consuming part of the multiple choice section. Try to work out what timings work best for you eg doing the multiple choice in the order of biology, chemistry and then maths.

I didn’t get tutoring but I know someone who went to a prep day and got an offer but they said that they didn’t feel like it helped that much as all they got out of it was a couple of extra papers and the same feedback as their teachers gave them. I can’t say how reflective this is of all tutors as a whole, but they didn’t feel like it was worth the money. It might be different for interviews, ultimately it’s your decision as to whether you feel it’s worth it but it’s different for everyone!

Sorry I can’t help with the interview aspect but I hope this answered your question about the NSAA!

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